Flying Kites on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Lots of schools are flying kites to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Combining Art and Science with practical skills and outdoor fun, the idea has taken off like wildfire and now thousands of schools are taking on kite projects for the Jubilee.

This page is intended to help put schools in touch with local clubs and workshops who can help them with their kite events.


These are people who are practiced in running workshops for children:
Kites for schools, Dorset
Kites for schools make kits of union-jack diamond kites with instructions for schools to run their own workshops.
White Horse Kite Flyers, Oxfordshire
White Horse run workshops to produce green sled kites.
Malcolm Goodman, County Durham
Malcolm runs kite building workshops, organises kite festivals, and gives talk about his large collection of historic kites from round the world.
Derek Kuhn, Birmingham
Derek runs kite building workshops and puts on kite displays.
Karl Longbottom, Herefordshire
Karl is a kite designer and manufacturer that runs kite workshops.
Skybums, Shropshire
Paul and Helen Morgan are kite builders and designers who run workshops.
Nick James, Bristol
This British kite designer has been running kite workshops for 19 years.
If you know of any other people who run kite workshops in the UK, please drop me a line:


The Kite Society of Great Britian
The Society organise a number of international kite festivals and publish "The Kiteflyer" Magazine.
The British Kite Flying Association
The Association supports British clubs and can help with issues including bylaws, insurance, risk assessments, child protection, vulnerable adults.

Local clubs

Your local kite flying club may be able to help you. The BKFA has a useful map to help you find local clubs.


Some links to kite plans suitable for school projects:
20 kites for 20 kids in 20 minutes
Check out the video for an easy kite to make from a sheet of paper and a BBQ skewer or drinking straw.
A sled kite
Made from a plastic bin-bag bag and bamboo garden canes.