Ordering process

All you need to do is to contact me and I'll take you through the ordering process. But I guess it might be helpful to walk through when happens during the order and delivery:
  • Start by picking your kite, from the List of kites. Note that there is a compact list at the bottom of that page. Or browse the Video Library. Talk to me for guidance about the size to choose and about which kites are very easy to fly, which ones are more tricky, which require a pilot, which pull hard, etc.
  • I try to keep "one of everything" in stock, but I often fail. Talk to me about what you want. I might have one ready for you.
  • Or you might have your own special colour scheme in mind. I have a colouring tool with drawings for most of the kites. Making a kite to order can take 12 weeks or more. I ask for payment with order for custom kites.
  • Use the web site to find the price in you local currency. Beneath each table of prices is a row of buttons that switch the prices into popular currencies. The conversion rates are provided by the UK government. They are updated every day but the government rate is usually only changes once per month.
    Prices in the European VAT Area include VAT at the UK rate of 20%. This might change after Brexit. At the time of writing, the implications of Brexit are unknown however I have a plan in place for each scenario that is possible and I am confident that no customer will loose out as a result.
  • Don't forget to include line and pilot. Talk to me if you need advice about what to choose. All kites include with an appropriate bag...
  • Shipping is usually flat rate. £10 to the UK. €30 to Europe and $30 to the USA.
  • There is a minimum order policy: £100 to the UK. €500 to Europe (due to Brexit paperwork) and $300 to the USA. Other locations by discussion
  • Payment is also by discussion. My prefered method is by bank transfer when it is free of charge for both sender and recipient. To this end, I have bank accounts in Scotland, Munich (for Euros), New York (for US dollars), Melbourne (for Australian Dollars), and Auckland (for NZ Dollars). If that doesn't work we can fall back on paypal. If all else fails, I sometimes transact in cash but this has a cost associated with it that I would rather avoid.