Rainbow Delta

We travel the world flying kites and experience shows that the best kite for children is the Rainbow Delta:

As kite fliers, we have had our Rainbow Deltas built to our own specifications.

  • There is no better children's kite to be found anywhere!
  • Our Rainbow Delta flies well even in light wind and it flies at a better angle than any of the big kites in our display!
  • In strong wind, our Rainbow Delta is designed to deform, which reduces pressure on the kite.
  • Our Rainbow Delta is easy to put together. You can't get parts inside out, back to front or upside down
  • Our Rainbow Delta is a great size. It is taller than most children!
  • With our Rainbow Delta, you'll find that the line is already attached.
  • We care about our environment, so our Rainbow Delta has no waste packaging.
  • Our kites come with a smart fabric bag for storage. It is small enough to fit in your pocket when flying.
  • The only separate part of the kite is the cross piece. If it gets lost, we carry spares.
  • The black leading edge looks smart and adds strength just where it is needed.
  • All our Rainbow Deltas come in a lovely combination of rainbow colours!
  • Would you like to add an extra streamer? Just ask! We have a selection of colours to choose from.
  • Our Rainbow Delta is lightweight yet tough. But in the unlikely event that something breaks, come back and see us, we'll try to help.

Item Price
Rainbow Delta with line, in fabric bag £12 + shipping