Bristol 2008

This month's photo theme is "Odd one out". Which is an interesting but difficult subject, I didn't see anything suitable on my travels. So in desperation, with the end of the month approaching, I searched on the internet and bought a prop. The duck arrived on the Friday, just in time to dash down to the Thames at Cavesham to set up the shot before running off to spend the weekend at Bristol:

The picture worked exactly as planned, but as soon as we had the frame, things went a little off course. The thread we had attached to his bottom had been pulled free by the swans, and the duck drifted out to the middle of the Thames. We had to recruit a passing bargeman to rescue him.

On to Bristol Kite festival

... An excellent year, as much fun as ever.

Flag kite by Modegi-san.


Robert van Weirs, who flew all the way from Australia, despite having a hole in his skull, from recent brain surgery. It seems that it is very fashionable to be hospitalised, then to carry on flying this year. Robert's wife, Susan has just had a stroke, June from AKF is sporting a new hairstyle, her husband Dave is hobbling from a knee injury, George Bindon has his arm in a sling, Paul and Natalie have been through more calamity than would seem reasonable. My own twisted ankle and dodgy elbow seems rather insignificant.

The Blue Peter team came to fly with us. They had three Roks in the battle and spent all weekend making a train of 50 kites, with the Blue Peter shield, illustrated by children. We had a Giant bear wearing a Blue Peter T-shirt, that they helped fly. It was a pleasure to work with them, they are every bit as nice in real life as they appear on TV.