Christmas in Kuwait


We start off with a haircut at Andrew's regular barber.

Metal Souk

A photography trip to the metalwork souk.


Usualy we go west of the city to the hospital district to find flamingoes but Kathleen spotted these on the stretch of beach between the city and the port.

Kite Folk

The team and their friends and family.

Kathleen making friends with the folk who sell and repair sewing machines.

Fishing Trip

We all went on a fishing trip on Smile's boat.


Mohamed Mubarak had a friend with a "Water drop kit". We spent an evening trying to take the perfect picture of a water drop.

Fire Station

Mohamed Mubarak is a fire chief. He took us to play with fire engines:

Andrew tries on the kit

KNPC camp

We went to a camp run by KNPC to show them the kites for a display that the team will do later in January.

Mubarak Camp

At Mubarak's camp, Faris had brought some truffles, some fresh corn and the heart of a palm tree.

Kites in Binaider

Flying Kites in Bnaider

People in Bnaider

People relaxing and having fun round the kites in Bnaider

Muhamed Mubarack wanted to get into all the pictures:

Jumping Guy

This guy could jump summersaults, so we all tried to photograph him in the act.


There is always a crowd of bikers

Andrew borrowed a bike to ride away to take this group shot:


At the challet, we went out at dawn to catch the sun rising over the sea.

Oranges, growing at the challet


One morning, there was no wind but there was a rally to keep us amused.


We went with the children to a funfare.


Adel, at home.


Or butcher, hand-making burgers.

Random shenanagans