Mike Weatheral-King has been trying to persuade us to go to Exmouth for years but it always clashed with something. This year, it clashed with Bedford and Basingstoke but we went anyway. A lovely weekend. Too busy puting on a show or relaxing in the sunshine to take many picutes of the kites.

The photo opportunity was out in the estuary. Andrew's first time shooting kite surfers. The local kite school is Edge.

On a reach...

They leap skywards in a hurry. It can be difficult to keep up...

But I soon got the hang of it:

Sometimes they achieved significant amounts of air:

The youngsters are fearless:

Of course, what goes up must come down...

Occasionaly, they nail the landing:

Trying to capture the perfect frame:

Andrew didn't have the nerve take the gear out into the water:

Back home, we have a cheeky visitor to the bird feeders